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Fifth Grade comes with many challenges, the prepubescent state & Math.  There was nothing I could do about the human growth and development aspect of the life of a 5th grade black girl, but I could get her the needed support with math.  Rena's Rithmetic became part of our village!!  Not only has your tutoring service provided strategies to conquer the challenging math concepts, it was a confidence building, self esteem boosting blessed filled experience.  I would recommend Rena's Rithmetic and plan to continue as we transition into 6th grade.

Ms. Diop, 5th grade parent

Initially, my daughter was reluctant to attend her independent and group math sessions. After attending a few sessions, she realized that the personalized math enrichment sessions challenged her to think differently and collaboratively. As a parent, I appreciate that the presented lessons were thought-provoking, contextually and culturally relevant, and extended my daughter’s mathematical thinking through real-world situations and applications. I highly recommend Rena’s Rithmetic to parents looking for a way to lift the mathematics off the pages. We look forward to our continued partnership.

Dr. Tynes Curry, 5th Grade parent

My oldest son was struggling in 6th grade math (he had a D at the time) so we started tutoring.  Ms. Rena was very nice and willing to help him in any way by connecting to things he liked.  She gave him the tools and the confidence to take his time, work out the problems, and face the problem head on.  He brought his grade up from a D to a B by the end of the year with her support and help. 

During the pandemic, while the kids were stuck at home doing school work, I started to notice that my 3rd grader was struggling as well in math and wasn't doing well at all. Her final grade was a D and she originally had a B while in school with the support of the teachers.  I reached out to Ms. Rena again for her help with my daughter. While on summer break, I wanted my daughter to review 3rd grade math concepts so she would fully understand, be comfortable with asking questions and having the tools to figure it out and succeed.   I’m sure she will be on track with Rena’s Rithmetic and ready to succeed in math with all the confidence she has.  Ms. Rena is caring and nurturing with her students and won’t move forward until she feels they got it. If your child is struggling, please seek her assistance in this subject. She is very flexible and understanding and the price is wonderful!!! Thanks so much!!!

Ms. Austin, 3rd and 6th grade parent

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